Hailing from Switzerland and relocating to Ottawa, I have enjoyed a variety of experiences that have furthered my artistic endeavours. From a young age I was inspired by the arts. Growing up in Halifax NS has afforded me the opportunities of learning from several Schools such as Dalhousie, NSCAD and the Da Vinci Institute.

With my first showings at the age of 14 and consignment sales at 16, the arts have been in my life in one way or the other, never far in the background. Sculpture, paint and canvas, metal, prosthetic effects, the digital arts, design, photography and Tattooing, all part of what I hope to be a never ending collection of information and skill sets for me to draw from to be come a better and more rounded person.

Tattooing (for the past 29 years) has offered me the pleasure of people and business, while creating stories for my clients who wish to share with the lives they touch, their beliefs, hopes, sadness and other stories on there skin.